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“encourage Venezuela / Animo Venezuela"

Jonathan Acosta, renowned Venezuelan singer-songwriter, is known on social networks as @acostacanta famous for having composed the musical work #ANIMOVENEZUELA which later became a motivational campaign inside and outside Venezuela.

Kennedy Center

In January 2019 he began his new tour of the United States at the iconic Kennedy Center, managing to pass the capacity of the Millennium Stage, he performed extraordinary concerts aimed at exalting the Latin gentilicio, each concert has been an unquestionable success at the box office and has obtained the Best reviews from the audience. Jonathan interprets themes of his authorship and also interprets the best of traditional Latin and Hispanic music, that has allowed him to group people of different ages and nationalities in each concert as a form of family and cultural integration. His charisma and talent are unique.

Jonathan Acosta has composed songs known to the public, has one of the most prominent voices in America, performs the "Venezuelan Four" and the Violin. He combines his music with motivational messages that stimulate the integration of families and the socio-cultural development of nations.


The Kennedy Center


Lawyer- Universidad Fermín Toro

1989 - 2002

Violinist in the National Orchestra System

Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory

Musical productions

  • Bahareque

  • Ask permission

  • Connected and on air

Awards, nominations and tributes

  • Mara International

  • OAS nomination, goodwill ambassador

  • Tribute to Simon Diaz

  • Hispanic musical artist the year

Events and concerts

  • Venezuela colors

  • American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

  • Foundation Request Permission


Jonathan Acosta undertakes an altruistic role since 2014, with social assistance actions resulting from the acute crisis observed in his country Venezuela. In 2015, he created the “Pido Permission” Foundation, with this foundation he has been serving children in a state of malnutrition and subsequently incorporating them into cultural training programs. Since the foundation creates a first "Urban Resilience Nucleus" as a permanent care center, currently more than 30 school-age children who are in extreme poverty are cared for.