Musical formation

He trained as a violinist for 12 years in the National Symphony Orchestra System of Venezuela and studied at the Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory of Music in Barquisimeto Venezuela from 1989 to 2002. He studied in parallel at the Latin American Violin Academy directed by maestro José Francisco del Castillo and founded by maestro José Antonio Abreu.


As a definitively integral artist, Jonathan Acosta, in addition to his musical studies, graduated as a Lawyer in 2006 graduated from the Fermín Toro University and made a postgraduate degree in University Teaching at the Libertador Barquisimeto Experimental Pedagogical University - Venezuela. Later he is certified as an Announcer at the Central University of Venezuela. Like other postgraduate studies, he specializes in Labor Law and also obtains the International Certificate as an Organizational Coach with the Central University of Venezuela and the International Coach Institute of Germany.

Record Productions

He has recorded two (2) record plates in full, one of them with the musical group "Bahareque" entitled "If it does not rain that Escampe" getting positioned within the ten (10) main radio stations in the country, and a second production as an interpreter and composer entitled “Pido Permission”, a production that was pre-nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2017. This production is currently available on all digital marketing platforms and soon in the APP VENEZUELA Ánimo APP available on the Play Store. He has participated as a guest singer in other record productions, such as, Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Barquisimeto Lara state among others.

Connected and on air

Record Production next to release:

At the end of 2019 he will be presenting his third (3rd) record plate called “Conectado y Al Aire”, a visual audio production recorded outdoors in High Definition with a wide technical display and the participation of nationally and internationally recognized artists, including Jorge Glem from C4 trio, winner of two Latin Grammy awards; Cheo Hernández Prisco one of the greatest exponents of the Creole and traditional sings of Venezuela; Virgilio Arrieta Venezuelan singer-songwriter of recognized trajectory, creator of emblematic musical works among them "Lara is a Sola" and the famous Bagpipe "Who Like Me" among other outstanding artists and musicians members of the National System of Symphonic Orchestras of Venezuela. This record plate is a family consumption material that will be a contribution to Latin American culture and idiosyncrasy and a contribution to art, music and peace.

Mara InternaTional

International Awards and Recognitions:

He has received important international awards, including the Platinum Mara International in the city of Miami 2017 - 2018 as the best traditional music artist.


In the month of June 2019 he was notified by the Organization of American States (OAS) of his privileged application for the honorary distinction of “Goodwill Ambassador” for his valuable work and continued contribution that he has been making for his music for peace and the arts, a distinction that positions him as the first Venezuelan musician to receive such distinguished recognition. Act that will be performed in the first quarter of 2020.

Simón Diaz

In addition, on July 29, 2018, he had the honor of being the first Venezuelan singer-songwriter to do a Symphonic Concert Sung in Venezuela in Tribute to the distinguished singer-songwriter Simón Díaz with unpublished arrangements, performed together with the Lara State Concert Band “Maestro Antonio Carrillo ”, cultural heritage of his country, in the iconic Auditorium“ Ambrosio Oropeza ”of Barquisimeto State Lara.

International Presentations

Throughout his career he has participated in innumerable symphonic and popular concerts as an interpreter and performer, receiving invitations to participate in international music conferences including the Colors Music Day of Venezuela held in Italy at the Filodrammatici Treviglio Theater, also in Spain and Panama Stresses his remarkable work to make music with sociocultural and motivational contribution.


As an interpreter and singer-songwriter, he enjoys the recognition of prestigious institutions among them, American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada due to his extensive career and more outstanding compositions such as: “Ánimo Venezuela”; "I am" and "Fallen Nothing" themes that also stand out for their audiovisual development on their YouTube channel.